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Advice for men who are living with cancer in the family, from a man whose wife has had breast cancer.  I learned a lot, and I made some mistakes, so thought it worth passing on what I can to those who may be starting out on this particular journey.

My experience is of breast cancer, but much of what we are offering here is relevant for other cancers.  Everything you read tells you that every breast cancer case is different.  Outcomes vary, so try not to think the worst if you have just been given the news; 50% of women in the UK are cured of cancer.

I am not a medical person, so I had a lot to learn about this disease, its effects and its treatment, and what I learned was obviously only related to our particular case.  For this reason some of this site may not be relevant to you, but I hope many of the general points will be useful for a wide range of men.

Communication is a two way thing, so I have set up an e-mail address should you want to write to me - you may have questions, you may have helpful advice for others that I should add to this site, or you may just want to communicate with someone.  Feel free to e-mail me by clicking here.  I will not disclose your name or address to anyone.

My thoughts and suggestions are on the following pages - use the buttons on the left.  You may want to look first at ‘Our case’ so you understand the similarities and differences with your own situation.  However, we are also forming a panel of other men who have experience of other cases, who will be in a position to respond to e-mail enquiries.

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